2016 Golf Online Shopping Report

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Online report cover.png

2016 Golf Online Shopping Report


Longitudes Group has documented the most current trends in Online Shopping of the golf consumer by using Longitudes Group proprietary panel of golfers, the Golf S&P™: Spender & Players, powered by a volunteer database of GolfNow’s more then 3 million registered users.  The research was culled by surveying 1,092 golfers in October of 2016.

Specific areas of research include:
* Key insights into the online purchase patterns of golf products and services
* Top online retailers favored by avid golfers and more importantly, avid shoppers
* Identified behavioral differences between generations (age) and gender
* Identified trends emerging since the 2013 Golf Online Shopping report by                                         
  Longitudes Group
* Determine what types of devices are used to make online purchases by key
* If you have any additional questions about this report, please don’t hesitate to email us.



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