Fitness equipment manufacturers, specialty retailers, sporting goods chains, and health clubs benefit from Longitudes Group unique insights into the world of fitness.

500 specialty fitness equipment retailers, 1,900 sporting goods retailers and 19,000 North American health clubs are constantly maintained in Longitudes Group proprietary database. It provides the ability to analyze available supply & demand, product penetration, and distribution by channel. Quantitative insights measure how products can hit the market in new ways, enabling robust insights to drive brand sales and profits. 



Longitudes Group, with a long history in the golf industry has updated their facility database to include virtually every resort and private golf club in the US that offers a fitness facility as an on-site amenity.


Longitudes Group database includes over 1,300 locations with some level of fitness facilities, account quality rating (A-D), phone numbers, website and location type (public/private/resort).  Customers can use this list for building prospect lists, sales planning, marketing and mapping. Longitudes Group tracks the openings and closings in the US annually. Constantly maintained, the Longitudes Group Fitness database provides deep local insights on these locations in Geographic Information Software (GIS). 


Longitudes Group database also includes other amenities like Aquatics with over 2,000 locations. Please contact us for more information.

Shopper Insights

Consumers are fickle and work-outs are personal. If only a crystal medicine ball would show us the way! Longitudes Group key consultants’ 25 years of conducting fitness industry research probes the work-out mindset to determine how consumers set their lifestyle goals. In turn, clients invest in targeted market intelligence in order to build brand awareness and market share.  


Distribution Analysis / Health Clubs and Fitness Retail

The power of place. Sales teams are tasked with grass-roots sell-in, growing club count and executing brand initiatives with sporting goods and specialty retail partners. As brands stretch to the far-flung retail and lifestyle centers blanketing this country, efficient use of resources is critical. Longitudes Group analyzes the market and distribution, territory by territory and rep by rep, empowering decisions regarding headcount, compensation, seasonal programs, tech reps, and so much more.


Health Clubs / Distribution Database

More than 19,000 deep, Longitudes Group tracks the openings, closings and turn-over at brick and mortar clubs in the US and Canada. Constantly maintained, the Longitudes Group health club database provides deep local insights on independent clubs and nationwide chains in Geographic Information Software (GIS). Sophisticated mapping software help brands identify under-served markets and key target areas for growth.