As a leader in specialty market research for the golf industry, Longitudes Group delivers specific, impactful information to equipment manufacturers, retailers, golf travel destinations and golf industry stakeholders.

The proprietary and extensive supply and demand model enables the accurate measure of the impact of participation and spending patterns among 29 million golfers in the United States and Canada, along with 3.3 million golfers in the United Kingdom.

Longitudes Group counsels the golf industry with absolute precision about both opportunities and threats. 

Our team draws from the following points of contact:

  • 15,000+ US golf courses

  • 2,000+ Canadian golf courses

  • 3,000+ UK golf courses

  • 577 US Off course retail locations

  • 1,800+ US sporting goods stores that carry golf equipment. All locations are tracked annually and include dozens of locational attributes.


Consumer Insights

Golf S&P: Golf Spenders & Players Panel

Longitudes Group, in partnership with tee-time leader GolfNow, introduces Golf S&P™ Panel. It is an avid golfer research panel built from GolfNow’s 3.2M membership base of active, engaged golfers who are always planning their next trip to the course. 

Golf stakeholders now have access to a fresh panel of golfers across all ages and skill levels to test concepts, understand key influences to purchase, and derive insights on digital behaviors in a fast-changing world.  Golf S&P™ enables the extraction of numerous dimensions of golfer participation.  Whether it’s golfers new to the game or close to retirement, golf is an active part of their lifestyles. 

A few key stats on Golf S&P™ Panelists:

  • 47% play 40 rounds or more annually

  • 61% have an average score < 90

  • 48% are under the age of 50

  • 54% spend more than $1,000 annually on green fees and membership dues

  • 34% spend more than $500 on golf equipment and apparel annually

  • 76% take one or more golf trips every year

The breadth and depth of the research pool offers those in the business of golf a chance to measure the transformation of a fast-changing society and understand the strategic implications across their most valuable golfing segments.


Retail / Distribution Analysis

Longitudes Group provides a comprehensive picture of an organization’s sales productivity empowering executives to make data-informed decisions regarding head count, compensation, tech reps and merchandising investments.

Using an overlay of current sales territories, Longitudes Group identifies whether a sales force is reaching its fullest potential and pinpoints areas in which it can drive efficient growth.


Supply & Demand Models

The golf industry is seeing major changes with consolidation driven by volatile and eroding participation. Over the next decade, industry and stakeholder key performance indicators will look very different than today.

As the market makes this seismic shift and golf companies seek ever sharper competitive advantage, big data is evolving to bring more precise acumen into consumer choices. Longitudes Group builds and maintains supply and demand databases measuring the retail and wholesale market value of nine different product lines in the game.  We meticulously track facility and retail openings and closings in every corner of North America.  From the courageous independent retailers and golf course owners all the way up to the big box chains and course management companies, Longitudes Group rates on a four point scale each location on retail strength and viability. 

Longitudes Group Golf demand database of over 24 million US golfers can be broken down based on income, gender, and participation rate, as well as the density of specific types of golfers to the golf businesses in their given area.

Longitudes Group Golf supply database includes 15,000+ US golf courses appended with more than 80 variables, 775 Off course retailers, 2,000 sporting goods stores selling golf equipment, national retail chains such as WalMart and local businesses.

Each of these up-to-date databases paint a distinct and current picture of market dynamics in a given region.  By overlaying a brand’s sales and account base, brand strength and weaknesses are quickly identified providing focus and investment to move your business forward in an intensely competitive market.