Outdoor Sports

Outdoor enthusiasts’ passion runs high. There are opportunities now more than ever to understand consumer inspiration. To savor the new, try the risky or reach that inspirational moment when they choose to open their wallet to your brand. Longitudes Group's unique market data and tools illuminate important consumer insights on the demands of mother nature and extreme pursuits. Whether its hunt, fish, hike or climb, Longitudes Group gives their clients the data that portrays a detailed picture of what the outdoor enthusiasts’ world looks like.


Consumer Insights

It’s not enough to have CRM data and hold it in a data warehouse. What matters is how to use the data to identify trends and key performance indicators in your business and in the broader market. Longitudes Group has the creativity and the vision to help clients understand experiential consumerism. Those market insights help brand marketers build products and campaigns that inspire affluent outdoor consumers to climb higher, stay out longer and breathe in all that outdoor product goodness.


Retail Distribution and Market Sizing

In an era of retail volatility, it is a mandate of survival to find new ways to grow. Outdoor retail is not just a single specialty channel but instead contains numerous segments of vertical sports retailers in thousands of locations and all with varying seasonal focus. Longitudes Group works with sales teams to optimize and strategize how to best serve retail customers by deploying a sales force that are channel experts and enable the brand to leap ahead.