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Longitudes Group is an industry-leading sports marketing research and  consulting company. As a pioneer in geographic-based demographic research in golf, fitness, outdoor sports and travel, Longitudes Group serves our clients by offering a unique view of their business and laying the foundation for high-impact planning and action. Our services include distribution planning and sales force productivity research, consumer demand modeling, customized market surveys and much more.

Our Story

Founded in 2003 by Sara Killeen, Dr. John Rooney and Dr. Steve Tweedie, Longitudes Group set out to bring innovative, impactful research to the golf and travel industries. Drs. Rooney and Tweedie, as professors and cultural geographers at Oklahoma State University, were early pioneers in the development of the academic discipline of the Geography of Sport. They built sports participation models for the US market in more than 100 sports, but were especially focused on golf participation as the game exploded in the 1980s and 1990s.  The professors are now retired and Sara is the principal and President of Longitudes Group. She continues to evolve those core philosophies of the ‘power of place’, while also applying big data analytics to sports businesses. 

Over the last 15 years, the company has grown and now provides a broad range of market insights built on a foundation of the geography of specific sports, related participation, spending and demographics. Longitudes Group serves stakeholders in fitness and outdoor sports along with its deep roots in golf and travel. Sporting goods manufacturers, retailers, resort travel destinations, sports media and recreational facility owners find the market knowledge, investment implications and guidance for strategic planning to be second to none.

Our office is located in Portland, Oregon. Longitudes Group serves clients throughout the United States, United Kingdom and Canada. Contact us by E-mail or phone: 503.477.6284.


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