Distribution Planning

When you’re working with limited resources, 
every decision counts.

Longitudes Group can optimize your sales force with cutting-edge market productivity analytics, pin-pointing how companies can best serve retailers and gold star accounts. Longitudes Group evaluates market opportunities in each area by market sizing the number of retail locations in markets or territories. Next, company sales are overlaid to measure sales force productivity and market penetration for each distribution channel and KPIs. The deliverables from Longitudes Group are powerful and actionable. We enable companies to identify sales organization strengths, weaknesses and the best strategies for efficient growth.

Golf: Longitudes Group extensive golf retail supply & golfer demand model create a detailed picture of local and regional market dynamics. Clients can dovetail the models with our Golf S&P Panel™: Spenders and Players consumer panel to tune into avid golfers’ future purchase plans and intentions.

Fitness: Longitudes Group proprietary fitness database contains 20,000+ specialty fitness retailers & full-service health clubs serving 55M US members who join and work-out.  Fitness-related businesses utilize the proprietary model to identify and target the best places for growth. 

Outdoor: The vast segment known as “Outdoor” includes numerous all-inclusive activities such as hiking and camping. But it also includes more expensive and exclusive pursuits such as mountaineering and fly-fishing.  Regardless of the cost to play, Longitudes helps brands identify and keep their best customers forever “happy campers.”