Longitudes Group Announces 2017 Golf Travel Research

Golf Travelers reveal insightful trends and habits driving growth in spring travel


PORTLAND, Ore. (March 20, 2017) - Longitudes Group LLC, a leading independent sports research company, announced the release of the 2017 Golf Travel Research Report. The report captures how golfers across all major metropolitan areas have traveled in the past and how they plan to travel in the next 12 months.

Key findings include:

·       72% of Avid Golfers in the survey who play more then 21 rounds annually took two or more trips.

·       35% of High Budget Golf travelers book 3 to 6 months in advance.

·       Golf travelers rank spouse/partner at 57% as their preferred travel companion over friends, other relatives or business associates.

·       Women in golfing households have a growing influence on the spending decisions and plans for golf travel.

“Golfers are extremely optimistic about how much they can afford, both time and money, to weave golf into their travel plans this year,” shared Sara Killeen, President of Longitudes Group. “With housing values and IRAs on the rise, there is an economic confidence fueling the desire.”

The 2017 Golf Travel Research Report will provide golf industry stakeholders with the latest insights on things related to travel for active golf consumers.  The research answers the question – Where are golfers going and how are they influenced to travel?  It will enable travel industry stakeholders and golf destinations to make informed decisions to grow their business this season. You can purchase the 49 page report at longitudesgroup.com for $499.  Buy here


The research is derived from Longitudes Group’s proprietary Golf S&P™: Spenders & Players golfer panel powered by a volunteer database of GolfNow’s more than 3 million registered users.  The Golf S&P™ panel includes 13,000 active spenders and players in the game and the panel is growing in size every quarter. The results in the report are culled from the survey of 780 respondents fielded in February of 2017.


About Longitudes Group LLC

Longitudes Group, LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a research and marketing company providing unique analysis on the travel and spending behaviors of avid golfers in the US and Canada. Armed with the Golf S&P™:  Spenders and Players panel and a separate database containing information on the behavior of 5.2 million avid golfers mapped by county and zip code, Longitudes Group uses a geo-demographic approach to probe both the location and purchase behavior of the avid golfer population.  On the supply side, Longitudes Group has built the most up-to-date database of golf retailers including 15,300 golf facilities, 785 off-course retail stores and 1,700 chain sporting goods store.


For more information about Longitudes Group and the Golf S&P™ Panel, please visit www.longitudesgroup.com


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