Longitudes Group Launches Its First Resort & Private Club Amenities Distribution Report

Over 4,400 Tennis, Fitness, and Aquatics locations addressing the demands of private club members and their families. Learn where these opportunities exist.

PORTLAND, Ore. (January 22, 2019) - Longitudes Group LLC, a leading independent sports research company, announced the release of the industry’s first ever Resort and Private Club Amenities DistributionReport. 

Longitudes Group, with a long history in the golf industry, has captured extensive details on individual golf and country club amenity offerings. The facility database includes every resort and private club in the US that has golf, tennis, fitness, and aquatic facilities as well as on-site pro shops where golf and/or tennis merchandise is sold.


Longitudes Group database includes over 1,900 Tennis, 1,300 Fitness, and 2,000 Aquatic locations. This further includes 12,600 Tennis courts and 850+ stand alone Tennis Pro Shop locations.  All locations include account quality ratings (A-D), phone numbers, website and location type (public/private/resort).  Corporate customers use the database for competitive analysis, sales planning, B2B marketing and territory mapping. 

Longitudes Group tracks the openings and closings of private clubs in the US annually. Constantly maintained, the Longitudes Group Private Club Amenities database provides deep local insights on these locations. In partnership with our GIS partner, Tactician, Longitudes Group helps brands identify under-served markets and key target areas for growth. If interested, custom mapping is available, please contact us for details.

You can purchase the entire report, which includes Tennis, Fitness and Aquatics for $2,600 Click here to purchase  

You can purchase each amenity separately for $1,200. 

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For additional details please contact at Longitudesgroup.com. 

Report Data: (Both Tennis and Fitness reports)

·      Location Name

·      Complete Address

·      Phone Number

·      Website

·      Club Type (Private / Resort)

·      Account Quality Rating (A-D)

·      Management Company 

·      CBSA/DMA, Metropolitan Area/ID

·      County Name/ID

·      State ID

·      Geocoding (Lat and Lon)

·      Tennis Court Counts by location - (Tennis only report)

·      Tennis Pro-Shop Locations - (Tennis only report)

Enhanced Options: (Both Tennis and Fitness reports)

·      Custom Mapping

 About Longitudes Group LLC

Longitudes Group, LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a research and marketing company providing unique analysis on the travel and spending behaviors in the Sports and Fitness industry in the US, UK and Canada. Longitudes Group provides quantitative and qualitative analysis for companies armed with unique consumer panels to generate information on consumer leisure-time behavior.  On the supply side, Longitudes Group has built the most up-to-date database for golf and fitness industry stakeholders including 15,000 golf facilities, 19,000 fitness facilities, 685 off-course retail stores and 1,800 chain sporting goods stores.

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