Longitudes Group Makes Available Its First Pickleball Distribution Report

Pickleball is one of Americas fastest growing sports with over 3 million participants. Fun, inexpensive, with over 5,000 locations and over 18,000 courts.


PORTLAND, Ore. (January 22, 2019) - Longitudes Group LLC, a leading independent sports research company, announced the release of the Pickleball Location Report. The report captures over 5,000 locations with over 18,000 courts.

When growing, expanding or maintaining a business, knowing where to target is key to sales and marketing.  Longitudes Group has built a reputation for providing the most comprehensive geo list of Golf and Fitness locations in the US and Canada and is excited about expanding into Pickleball.


Pickleball, invented 53 years ago has recently become one of the fastest growing sports in America.  With a relatively low cost to enter the sport and a fast-growing number of locations to play, Pickleball has become an alternative to other more traditional sports. The Sports & Fitness Association (SFIA) has stated in their 2018 SFIA Topline Report that Pickleball participation is currently over 3.1 million players in the US.  That is an increase of 11.3% over 2017. And a 3 year average growth of 8.5%. On the supply side over 1,000 Pickleball locations have been opened in the last year, a 25% increase.


Pickleball locations aren’t just concentrated in metropolitan areas with high baby boomers.  Many have thought that the highest concentration is in areas with retirement communities. Our report finds that some of the top metros have solid demographics for families.




With over 5,000 locations in the Longitudes Group Pickleball database, customers can use this list for competitive analysis, sales planning, marketing and mapping. The data set includes locations, court counts, court type (indoor/outdoor), phone numbers and location type (public/private). Longitudes Group tracks court openings and closings in the US annually. Constantly maintained, the Longitudes Group Pickleball database provides easy to access insights on these locations. In partnership with our GIS partner, Tactician, Longitudes Group helps brands identify under-served markets and key target areas for growth. If interested in custom Pickleball mapping, please contact us for more details.

You can purchase the entire US report at longitudesgroup.com for $2,000 or contact us about purchasing individual states or regions starting at $300. Click here to purchase

Report Data:

  • Location Name

  • Complete Address

  • Phone Number

  • Geocoding (Lat and Lon)

  • Location Type (Public / Private)

  • Court Type (Indoor / Outdoor)*

  • Court Counts by Type

Enhanced Option:

  • Custom Mapping

*Pickleball courts are defined as dedicated Pickleball courts designed specifically for the sport of Pickleball and a combination of spaces that have been adapted and/or shared with other court sports like basketball/tennis.

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Longitudes Group, LLC, headquartered in Portland, Oregon, is a research and marketing company providing unique analysis on the travel and spending behaviors in the Sports and Fitness industry in the US, UK and Canada. Longitudes Group provides quantitative and qualitative analysis for companies armed with unique consumer panels to generate information on leisure-time spending and consumer behavior.  On the supply side, Longitudes Group has built the most up-to-date database for retailers including 15,000 golf facilities, 19,000 fitness facilities and over 2,000 sports retail locations. 

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